Rappin’ Legal: A Guide to Legal Questions and Issues



Hey y’all, gather ‘roun’ and listen up, I got some legal knowledge that’ll fill your cup. From HughesNet contracts to Capital One lawsuits, I got the info to help you stay sharp as a razor.

First off, let’s talk about Benchmade knives in California, are they legal for you to own? Then we’ll move on to legal fastpitch softball pitching, a topic that’s gonna get you itching.

But hold up, don’t forget the animals, like capybaras in Ireland, are they legal to have? Then we’ll move on to legal software companies, who can help your business stand in the big leagues like the pros.

Now, marketing’s the name of the game, but the law of averages is something you should tame. And let’s not forget about temporary phone numbers, are they legal for you to use and encumber?

Finally, we gotta talk about enterprise car rental agreements, a contract you gotta understand. And don’t forget about product development and marketing agreements, to keep your business plans grand.

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